TMR Current Sensor

Automotive & Industrial TMR Current Sensor - integrated busbar

Piher Sensing Systems launches a TMR current sensor that generates a ratiometric analog output voltage signal proportional to the current flowing through the integrated conductor. Compared to conventional Hall-effect current sensors, this sensor provides more accurate measurement, a higher sampling rate and lower temperature drift. It has been designed for accurate measurement of currents in automotive battery management and motor control applications.


  • Current transducer based on TMR technology
  • Up to ±4,000 A
  • Fastening ready
  • Analog ratiometric output
  • Non-intrusive technology
  • Galvanic separation between power and control
  • Immunity to common mode fields


Accurate, non-intrusive measurement of currents with galvanic separation between power and control
Maintains precision from -40°C to 125°C
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Designed to cope with external magnetic interferences.


Parameter Unit Min. Typ. Max.
Current type AC, DC
Current measuring range A 4.000
Supply voltage V 4,75 5 5,5
Supply current mA 6 9
Output voltage V 0,5 4,5
Response time µsec 0,3
Frequency badwidth MHz DC 1
Accuracy (at 25°)* % <1%

* Depending on measurement range

Parameter Unit Min. Typ Max.
Operating temperature °C -40 +125
ESD protection kV ±2