2-piece Touchless Rotary Position Sensor with integrated connector

The HRPM Series of Hall-effect Rotary Position Sensors is a cost-effective, non-contacting angle position sensing solution for applications in harsh environments such as heavy-duty transportation and industrial.

This compact sensor with integrated AMP superseal connector is based on a touchless concept with separate housings for electronics and magnet. The magnet is mounted on the actuated axis and without wear and tear due to radial forces, the reliability and lifetime are increased significantly.

Fully sealed and flanged mounted for easy positioning, this 2-piece sensor is versatile with configurable angular ranges from 50 to 360 degrees, option for a bare or housed magnet, different pin-outs and support for low and high-voltage power supply.


Without any internal or external gears or linkages the sensor is easily assembled and calibrated and free from wear and tear over lifetime.
The separation of electronics and magnet module allows for a virtually unlimited lifetime independent of number of revolutions.
The rugged package protects the sensor from dust, moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures for usage in the most demanding environments.
Without the need for a shaft the sensor is provided in a exceptionally compact and low profile package that fits in space contraint applications.


Linearity* ±1% absolute (±0.5% upon request)
Angular range** Programmable from 50 to 360 degrees
Output protocol** Analog (Ratiometric)
Resolution Up to 12 bit
Supply voltage 5V ±10% / 7V-32V
Supply current 12 mA / 14 mA
Voltage protection Overvoltage: +10V / +36V
Reverse voltage: -10V / -30V
Self-diagnostic features Yes

* Ferromagnetic materials close to the sensor (i.e. shaft, mounting surface) may affect the sensor’s linearity ** Others available upon request

Life Virtually unlimited
Air gap 3mm ±1mm
Mechanical range 360° (endless rotation)
Mating connector AMP Superseal 282087-1
Operating temperature -40° to +125°C
Shock 50g
Vibration 5Hz to 2000 Hz; 20g; Amax 0,75 mm
Sealing IP67, IP69K