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Our technology, creativity and production capacity enable us to develop, innovative cost effective and highly reliable solutions to cope or exceed our customers' requirements. We put at their disposal our experience and "know-how" permitting them to achieve important technical and competitive advantages.

Standard rotary and slide controls-selectors are available off the shelf including features such as reinforced end stops, connectors, dual-rotary, external knob, complex voltage schemes, "push-to-turn" functions, plastic and metal shafts, detent feeling and mix of encoder, potentiometer or switch outputs allowing engineers a never seen before design freedom.

Potentiometer analog, encoder-incremental and switch outputs are avaialbe with a high degreeof customisation. Our resistive elements have been improved to easily overcome the life of the consumer products where they are used, so mechanical wear is not a problem and it' s price level remains unachievable by any other competing technology.

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The Appliance Electronics segment encompasses all domestic electrical and electronic apparatus such as washing machines, ovens/ranges, toasters, blender/mixers, water heaters, air conditioners, garage door openers, power tools, light dimmers, temperature controls/thermostats, motion+smoke detectors, blend door actuator sensor, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, speed controlers, relays, tec. You can also find Piher in multimedia, medical, telecommunications, instrumentation, electro-medical, power supplies, CATV systems, TV antennas, ballasts, white and brown googds...


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