Piher sensing systems - custom potentiometers and position sensors

Sensors & controls for automotive


Piher´s position sensors and controls are widely used in the land vehicle market. There´s scarcely a car that does not carry Piher´s sensors or controls

The Automotive market is one of the key drivers of Piher’s success. Demanding new and cost effective ideas year on year has shaped the company in to what it is today: proactive and customer driven. Since the seventies Piher has served the key Asian, US and European Automotive OEM’s and component suppliers and has developed an expertise in providing custom Control and Sensor solutions unrivalled in today’s thriving Automotive sector.

Our in-car position sensors afford built-it magnetic stray field immunity to provide stable output even near high-current wires.

Thanks to sensors, cars are getting "smarter", more efficient, and safer.

Typical applications for automotive-grade sensors and controls are:

• Cornering/bending lights position sensor
• Heating, ventilating + air aconditioning
• Instrument Panel light dimmers / Headlamp levelling / Headlamp switches + Interior light control
• Mirror memory
• Infotainment
• Windshield wiper
• Parking radar / convertable hood control
• Seat position
• Power sunroof
• 4x4 four wheel drive selector switch
• Transmission control
Airbag switch
Powertrain and drivetrain sensors
Air mix actuator potentiometer
• Trunk / boot position
• Swirl actuator
• Fuel card level sender
• Seat temperature controls
• Turn counter
• Brake, clutch or accelerator pedal position sensor
• Absolute rotary encoder
• Power steering. Rear axle steering and individual steer sensor
Seat belt switch
• Throttle / EGR valve and landing gear position sensor
• Motor-shaft position sensor
• Height & suspension sensor
• Shift selector lever position feedback sensor
• Motor-shaft position sensor
• Door/tailgate position sensor
• Motor/movement control (closed-loop feedback)
• Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)
• Electrical Stability Program (ESP)
• Electrical Power System (EPS)
• Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
• Camshaft position sensor
• Mirror memory sensor potentiometer
Capacitive touch buttons
Fuel level sensor
• Contactless torque and position sensing
• Absolute steering wheel angle sensor (gearless).



Along with the acquisition of a prestigious array of quality awards representative of this sector: ISO 9001, QS9000, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949, Piher’s products are listed in the IMDS database providing detailed information on product recyclability.



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