Piher sensing systems - custom potentiometers and position sensors

Position sensors, Hall Effect angle sensors, Linear, Rotary, Custom sensor componentes, Resistive, Long life

Incremental encoders, rotary swichtes, custom electromechanical components

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Seat Belt switch

Buckle detector sensor  

 Screen printed


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Printed Resistors


Printed circuit resistors






Contactless through hole position sensor

Contactless through hole position sensor
PSC-360 Contactless position sensor Contactless potentiometer
PSC-360U Contactless sensor Contactless potentiometer
MTS-360-PCB Contactless through-hole position sensor    EZ-Mount Rotary Position Sensor with Integral PCB
MTS-360 MTS-360 miniature contactless sensor Contactless potentiometer
PS2P-CON Rotary concentric touchless position sensor  Contactless potentiometer
PS2P-LIN Linear touchless position sensor Contactless potentiometer
PS2P-ARC Variable air gap touchless sensor Contactless potentiometer




6mm SMD potentiometer
PT-6 6mm carbon Potentiometer
N-6 R 6mm SMD potentiometer
N-6 6mm carbon potentiometer




PSC-10 10mm SMD cermet potentiometer
10mm SMD potentiometer
PT-10 10mm Carbon Potentiometer  
PTC-10 10mm cermet potentiometer  




PSC-15 15mm SMD cermet potentiometer

15mm SMD potentiometer
ST-15 15mm endless potentiometer
PT-15 15mm carbon potentiometer
PTC-15 15mm cermet potentiometer

 Special design 


Rotary Switches Rotary switches Rotary Switches 
PT's with Detents  Detented potentiometers  





 encoder or


N-15 potentiometer/sensor    

15mm long life position sensor with 2M

cycles mechanical life
A15-3P  360º electrical angle position sensor  
S-15 15mm rotary switch
(Customisable number of positions).
E-15 15mm incremental encoder
(Customisable number of positions).



DCM-PT15 Detented control Detented control potentiometer
Detented potentiometer


SM-10 / SMC10 10mm carbon/cermet potentiometer
SM-15 / SMC-15 15mm carboncermet potentiometer
PC-16 16mm carbon potentiometer
T-16 16mm carbon potentiometer
T-18 18mm carbon potentiometer
T-21 21mm carbon Potentiometer
NPL Linear position sensor  
MT Series Multiturn position sensors Multiturn sensors

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Carbon & Cermet Potentiometer Specifications
Notes about packaging for PT series and N6 / Counterfeit note