Piher sensing systems - custom potentiometers and position sensors

Sensors for Alternative & Renewable Energy sector
Solar trackers & Wind turbines

Long life robust position sensors are required for renewable energy technology thus making Piher´s non contacting position sensors ideal for these applications.

With truly non-contacting sensing, low power consumption and wireless option, these sensors provide an all-in-one integrated and maintenance free solution for remote locations and harsh environments.

Piher´s contactless sensors are able to withstand extreme environments while providing accurate position/angle feedback with virtually unlimited life.

Our PSC-360 and PST-360 series adapt themselves to any solar tracker by combining a through-shaft design with 360º absolute position feedback.

In wind turbines Piher´s rotary displacement magnetic sensors can feedback the angle of the blades and the position of the head so as to always face the wind.

PSC360´s high resolution allows to have a precise control of the blades’ angle since it is not affected by high vibration, shock or temperature environments.

 Example applications:

  • Wind turbines blades rotary position sensors.
  • Concentrated solar power reflector position feedback.
  • Power plant non contact harsh position sensors.
  • Power generating absolute motion and direction sensors.
  • Yaw position sensor for wind turbines.
  • Solar inverter potentiometer manufacturer.
  • Magnetic technology displacement sensor resistant to shock, vibration, fluids, dust and wide operational temperature range.

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