Piher sensing systems - custom potentiometers and position sensors

End of shaft position sensors

Original thinking

end of shaft sensor

Design engineers of rugged vehicles want all the benefits of Configurable Contactless Position rotary sensing (no wear and tear) without expensive overengineered
solutions to precision. They want enough accuracy plus stable performance over a long lifetime, despite environmental extremes.

Piher’s novel through-shaft sensor effectively wraps around any shaft, sensing directly at source. One slimline 9mm package contains two non-contacting components—a full-circle magnet and electronics module.
+ Application-patented design can be fitted anywhere on a shaft, giving engineers the flexibility to be creative.
+ Easy-to-assemble, so production line costs are less than those of other sensor solutions. It is ready to use!
+ No maintenance needed over the product’s life.
+ Delivers the same level of 360-degree precision and stability over at least 50 million rotational cycles as the day of installation—despite extremes of vibration, shock, temperature and contamination.

sensors shafted position

Main features

• Low cost. Low profile
• Linearity: ±1% absolute (0.5% upon request)
• Simple & robust magnetic design
• Programmable Angular Range up to 360 Degrees (without dead band)
• Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic(some positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic; up to 4 programmable points)
• Selectable Analog (Ratiometric), PWM, Serial Protocol
• Programmable switch output
• Up to 14 bit angular resolution
• Full Redundant option
• Self-Diagnostic features
• Rotational life: 50.000.000 cycles (depending on application and mounting)
• Operating temperature: -40ºC to +150ºC
• Supply voltage: 5V ±10% (others upon request)
• +10V over voltage protection and –10V reverse voltage protection
• IP65 (others upon request)

Application examples

• Non-Contacting long life angle/position sensor
• Absolute Rotary position sensor
• Pedal position sensor
• Throttle/EGR valve and gear position sensors
• Height & suspension sensor
• Plant automation
• Non-Contacting potentiometer
• Float-Level sensor
• Motor-shaft position sensor
• Turn counter
• Automated gear selection position sensor
• Chassis ride height position sensor
• Precision Robotics,industrial equipment and HVAC monitoring & control...
• Power-train sensors
• Joystick
• Automated gear selection sensor
• Material handling and drilling equipment.
• Valve feedback position sensor.
• Dental chairs and patient lifts .
• Forklift, trailer/truck, bus, agricultural vehicles and crane position sensors
• Valve actuators angle position sensors
• Engine & vehicle stability management sensors
• Solar trackers position sensors
• Crankshaft sensors
• Neutral gear sensors
• Transmision sensors
• Lift position sensors
• Brake Pedal position sensors
• Automated gear selection
• Grape harvesters position sensors
• Steering torque sensors
• Pivot arm angle sensors
• Autosports / motor sports angle sensors
• Wind power generators position sensors
• Suspension sensors
• Air intake sensors (Air flow)
• Clutch position sensors. Gear and Shift sensor. Tailgate position sensor
• Aeronautic position sensors
• Steering column sensor
• Medical devices
• Precision programmable angle position sensor
• Sensor for tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry
• Rotary joints & gimbals sensor
• Factory & laboratory automation and process control
• Cost effective replacement for hollow / through shaft resolvers
• Rotary hollow / through shaft position sensors
• Off-highway & motorsport
• Control system feedback loops
• Public transportation vehicles position sensor
• Harvester position sensor
• Food processing equipment
• Elevators
• Construction machines position sensor
• Resolver and optical encoders replacement

Contactless sensors flyer

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Shaft-driven contactless sensor (hall-effect)
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Shaft-driven contactless sensor (hall-effect)
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MTS-360 product has been developed through the project titled “Research and development of sensors for medical devices”, co-funded by Sociedad Estatal para la Promoción y Atracción de las Inversiones Exteriores, S.A., (The State Company for the Promotion and Attraction of Foreign Investment, plc.) part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competitiveness, and co-funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

El producto MTS-360 ha sido desarrollado a través del proyecto “INVESTIGACION Y DESARROLLO EN SENSORES PARA APLICACIONES MEDICAS”, cofinanciado por la Sociedad Estatal para la Promoción y Atracción de Inversiones Exteriores S.A del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, y cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).

Replacement for optical sensors. Angle positioning. Magnetic sensors for non contact measurement. Magnetostrictive Sensor superior replacement. Position feedback protocols supported:CAN, PWM, SPI (serial), analog.