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HVACR Sensors

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The HVAC sensor family  has been designed to feedback the position of  the cold/hot air flap damper in the  HVACR system (flap motor positioning). High accuracy (2% linearity) and low cost are among its main advantages.

Over 120 million-plus HVAC custom sensors, delivered to a major automotive supplier, for over ten years with an PPM rate below 1 are some the impressive figures achieved by Piher for motor-actuator control feeback sensing applications related to HVAC.

Piher can also build custom potentiometers resistance track HVAC sensors based on printing resistors onto several substrates that seamlessly adapt to any given customer specific application.

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Standard Electrical features

Resistive element: carbon
Resistive value: 4K7 or custom
Tolerance: ± 20%, ± 30%
Linearity: ± 2% absolute
Maximum voltage: 34 VDC (lin)
Nominal power: 50°C (122°F) 0.25 W
Output: linear
Residual resistance: ≤ 6% Rn
Equivalent noise resistance: ≤ 20% Rn
Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C


Mechanical features

Mechanical rotation angle: 360º (endless)
Electrical rotation angle: 120º, 170º, 180º, 250º, 340º
Torque: 0.2 to 1.2 Ncm
Life: 100K cycles (custom)

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