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We’re known for the fine art of laser trimming, delivering the very low tolerances at very high volumes needed to keep pace with automotive innovation in electronics.

Actually, we’re old masters of every aspect of the printed PCB resistor process, eliminating programme risk as we deliver
around the world from our plants in Europe and China.

file icon 3.- Touchless variable gap sensorTooltip 07/13/2016 Hits: 2141

Custom touchless magnetic Hall effect variable air gap angle/position sensor maintains stable electrical output and specified linearity on mobile shafts despite radial and axial movements of over +/- 5mm.

Design engineers of rugged vehicles want all the benefits of contactless rotary sensing (no wear and tear) without expensive overengineered solutions to precision.

They want enough accuracy plus stable performance over a long lifetime, despite environmental extremes.

- No tear/wear or mechanical contacts.
- Plug and play sensors: easy installation.
- Increased customer satisfaction through best results in throttle and other position sensors.

file icon 1.- Piher products - Short FormTooltip 04/28/2017 Hits: 997

Piher product' s generic short form.

Piher appliance potentiometers applications examples.

Inductive position sensor for absolute rotary or linear motion sensing in automotive, off-highway, industrial, medical and consumer applications.

It uses the physical principles of induction in a wire loop and eddy currents to detect the position of a solid metallic structure that is sliding or rotating above a set of coils consisting of one transmitter coil and two receiver coils.

The coils are printed as copper traces on a printed circuit  board (PCB) and arranged such that the transmitter coil induces a secondary voltage in the receiver coils that depends on the position of the metallic target above the coils.
The absolute angle measurement provides instant feedback of the metallic target's angular position with a resolution of up to 12 bit.
Custom product design packaging can be provided to meet any form, fit and function including the choice of wire harness and interface connector.

The automotive and home appliances sectors are moving towards the replacement of electro-mechanical switches and buttons by touch-sensitive buttons thanks to its advantages in terms of cost, ease of assembly and freedom of shaping tactile controls to intuitive user interaction.

Designers have the opportunity to eliminate components count and design highly styled thin, light-weight HMI control surfaces.

Piher can provide printed touch controls where the presence of a conductive object or finger creates a capacitance change which is converted into a switch activation in the customer application.

We can print this technology with several materials or substrates such as AG nanoparticle conductive inks, conductive polymer PEDOT, carbon (reinforcing connector contact parts) and dielectric layers that allows flexibility, bendability  and other mechanical properties to be included in a wide range of flat or 3D surfaces.

By using a translucent substrate, our films and touch sensors allow low cost, low power, low weight and low profile backlit designs (i.e. led light goes through the substrate).