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file icon MTS-360 05/08/2019

Hollow shaft magnetic rotary angle and position sensor-control.

Key features
• Simple & Robust magnetic design.
• Endless rotation.
• Programmable switch output.
• Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristics
(some positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic;
up to 4 programmable points; see last page).
• Self-diagnostic features.
• Over voltage protection and reverse voltage protection.

Also upon request:
• True full redundant version.

Examples of applications:
• Non-Contacting long life angle/position sensor.
• Absolute rotary position sensor
• Pedal position Sensor.
• Turn counter.
• Throttle/EGR valve and gear position sensor.
• Height & suspension sensor.
• Non-contacting potentiometer.
• Float-level sensor.
• Motor-shaft position sensor.
• Precision robotics, material handling, industrial equipment, HVAC monitoring & control, etc.

The MTS-360 provides a true breakthrough in contactless sensor technology by combining a through-shaft design with 360º absolute position feedback in an ultra miniature size. The result is the smallest fully featured rotary sensor on the market with reliability up to 50 million cycles.

With its tiny size, engineers can now integrate a fully featured rotary sensor directly on their PCB without the packaging issues that typically accompany encoders or other absolute position devices. The exceptionally low profile fits easily in places that were previously too small for pre-packaged rotary sensors.

This ultra-miniature Rotary Position Sensor is ideal in optical imaging stabilization and precision biomedical devices, optical zoom devices, consumer electronics, instrumentation, HVAC systems, automotive control systems, marine controls, fork lift trucks, farm equipment, cranes, low speed motor feedback, valve position sensors and robotic and automation feedback system.

Designed with the sensor directly mounted onto a PCB, the innovative MTS-360 Sensor/PCB Combo package allows engineers to easily mount a fully featured rotary sensor without first having to design a printed circuit board for the sensor. The result is time-savings and convenience.
The MTS-360 Sensor/PCB assembly is available with or without 2.54 mm pitch connector, both easily secured with standard M3 screws.  The entire assembly measures just 35mm wide by 36mm long, allowing for applications with tight packaging constraints.  

The new MTS-360PCB Mechanical Mount sensor model incorporates all the breakthrough sensor technology performance features of the original MTS-360 by merging a through-shaft design with 360º absolute position feedback in a small size package.  The result is an extremely small fully featured rotary sensor with reliability up to 50 million cycles.   The MTS-360 relies on patented Hall effect technology to enable true non-contacting through-hole shaft sensing now using a simple three eared mounting. The standard model features a 4mm double D-flat through-hole and (3) slotted mounting holes allowing final rotational adjustment at assembly.

file icon N-15 datasheet 04/15/2016

15mm potentiometer - position sensor.

  • Conceived and designed for easy customisation
  • SMD or Through-hole Mount
  • Endless Rotation (360º)
  • Wide Electrical Angle (340º ± 10º)
  • Extended Mechanical Life (100k cycles). Up to 2M
  • Working Temperature Range (-40ºC to +120ºC)
  • Low Profile (4.4 mm)
  • Linearity:  ± 3% (default)
  • Embossed Tape or Bulk packaging
  • Reflow Soldering capability
  • Shaft insertable from both sides
  • Polarised "T" rotor (European Home Appliance standard)
  • All PT/ PTC 15 shafts compatible
  • IP54 protection according to IEC 60529
file icon N-6 datasheet 01/27/2016

Best 6 mm Carbon Potentiometer

- RoHS compliant materials.
- Carbon resistive element.
- Plastic substrate.
- Over-moulding manufacturing technique.
- SMD or through hole.
- Embossed Tape (for SMD),Tape on reel, Ammopack and Magazine packaging for automatic insertion and  bulk for manual assembly.
- Wiper positioned at 50%.
- Both sides cross slot easy adjustment.
- Accidental rotor movement protected.
- Traceability insured through date code marking.
- Assembly method: stand up and lay down.

file icon N6R datasheet 10/29/2015

Miniature Control Potentiometer

- 10K cycles mechanical life version available
- Endless rotation upon request
- RoHS compliant materials ready
- Carbon resistive element
- Plastic substrate
- Over-moulding manufacturing technique
- SMD mounting
- RoHS reflow soldering capable
- Wiper positioned at 50%
- Both sides cross slot easy adjustment
- Accidental rotor movement protected
- Traceability insured through date code marking
- IP54 protection according to IEC 60529

file icon NPL datasheet. 04/15/2016

Linear/slide potentiometer.

file icon PC-16 datasheet. 04/15/2016

16mm control potentiometer.

Plastic material according to UL94V-0.   
Resistive element: carbon.           
Dust proof enclosure.           
Modular gang type (up to 4).   
Stereo matching.           
Nut & washer.   
Special tapers (variation laws). Standard are linear, log (audio) and antilog (reverse).
Switch option.               
Shafts available (plastic, metallic). Shaftless version available.
Custom assemblies with wiring and connectors.
Several bushings available.   
Cut track feature (open circuit zone).

This innovative product family has been specifically developed to allow the integration of otherwise large and expensive external mechanisms into the body of the majority of the 6, 10 & 15 mm potentiometer series thus allowing a high range of configurations: special tapers, tolerances, linearity, cut track, etc.

This detent design not only adds a "click" sensation of position, but also offers enormous savings in both cost and space for any given application.

PT´s with detents also lend themselves perfectly to Industrial and Domestic Power Tool applications
where the detents prevent accidental movement of the potentiometer under vibration.

If high torque detents are required please see our Detent Control Mechanism (DCM) series datasheets.
Strong and weak detents (stop positions) can be mixed as per cutomer´s request.

Multi-step form and build your potentiometer / position sensor in less than 5 minutes!

Free service for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electronics manufacturers (CEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs), electronic components specifiers, product design engineers and industry-related companies.

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