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file icon SM/SMC-10 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2203

Cermet / carbon panel potentiometer.

file icon SM/SMC15 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2255

Cermet / carbon panel potentiometer.

  • Based on the PT-15 / PTC-15 series.
  • Available in carbon (SM-15) and cermet (SMC-15).
  • Enclosed in plastic housing.
  • Excellent low price control potentiometer.
  • IP54 protection according to IEC 60529.
file icon ST-15 datasheet.Tooltip 01/27/2016 Hits: 2430

The Model ST-15 offers engineers an endless rotation version of the popular PT-15 rotary control. This new 360º version adds endless clockwise (CW or CCW) rotation as a part of the current features of the PT-15s already highly configurable mechanical and electrical specifications. That means a wide variety of off-the-shelf mounting methods, custom ohmic (resistance) values, tight linearity performance, along with the 7 different rotor designs.

file icon T-16 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2171

T-16 panel carbon potentiometer datasheet.

High mechanical endurance.

  • Detents (click stops).
  • Stereo matching.
  • Switch.
  • Nut & washer.
  • High mechanical endurance.
file icon T-18 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2086

T-18 potentiometer datasheet.

file icon T-21 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2354

T-21 potentiometer datasheet.

Carbon resistive element.
High mechanical endurance.
Upon request:
   Nut & washer.
   Stereo matching.
   Custom assemblies with wires and connectors.
   Switch-only versions.

file icon Z-15 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2206

15mm position sensor (long life).

The Z15 series offer an SMD and Through Hole mount solution for the majority of Position/Rotary Sensor and multi-purpose Control applications such as:
- Automotive HVAC, seat, rear-view mirror actuator feedback sensors and HVAC Controls.
- Temperature control for boilers, wall heaters, showers, radiators, conventional and microwave ovens, freezers...
- Timer & function/programme select for washing machines, dishwashers and all white goods in general.
- Size and position detectors.

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