Piher Sensing Systems

Printed PCB Resistors

Printed PCB Resistors are thick-film resistive ink elements designed around customers’ unique assemblies. Our thick film inks can be printed on a wide range of substrates — from high temperature ceramics to common PCB materials.

Our market-leading thick-film technology can be used to deposit any combination of fixed resistors, switches, potentiometer tracks and conductors onto virtually any size, shape or form. This versatility offers an enormous range of design possibilities at competitive cost, even in low batch quantities.

This cost-effective position sensing technology features millions of cycles of mechanical life, low power consumption, extended operational temperature and absolute positioning feedback without external electronics. Carbon printed PCB sensors afford simple integration and can operate in harsh environments without requiring periodic replacement.





Full control of every aspect of production

Our fully-automated screen printing process enables printing any number of linear, rotary or stepped position sensors, fixed resistors, potentiometer tracks and conductors on any size, shape or type of PCB. We not only control the printing process, but also formulate and manufacture our own resistive inks and pastes. 

The fine art of laser trimming

Once screened and cured, the printed resistive tracks can be individually laser trimmed to obtain very accurate tolerances in high volume.

Global footprint

With production sites in the EU and China, we can respond flexibly to our customers’ requirements and also offer local to local production to mitigate supply chain risks for global programs.

Design flexibility and value added assemblies

Full PCB based sensor assemblies can be delivered including special features such as complex gearing for multiturn rotary or linear position sensing and special connector configurations.


Mirror Position and Memory

Seat Position

HVAC Actuators

Joystick Control

Steering Column Modules