Position Sensing Solutions for Marine Applications

The marine industry requires sensors that guarantee optimal performance and reliability regardless of the environmental conditions.  Our sensors and controls are used on a diverse range of ships ranging from motorboats to large transport vessels.


Let us know what you are working on, and we will be glad to support your development. 


Outboard Steering Angle

To safe the weight and packaging space of a mechanical system between steering control and marine engine an electrical system is installed. The steering angle is measured by a play resistant arc position sensor with the magnet installed on the steering shaft. The sensor can pick up the movement directly at the source.

Play Resistant Arc Position Sensors

Outboard Throttle Control

Outboard motors can develop high temperatures and are constantly exposed to saltwater, therefore the sensor controlling the throttle must also withstand these environments. For custom developments, we can fit our sensors with the appropriate cables, connectors and PCBs to ensure a long product life.

Contactless rotary position sensors

Sensors for boat throttles

Engine Speed Control

The marine engine control system depends on constant feedback of speed and direction by actuator stations to the control stations. Our miniature rotary position sensors allow integration in space constraint applications such as the actuators stations.

MTS-360 – Miniature Position Sensor