Piher Sensing Systems

Surface mount and through-hole potentiometers

Piher Sensing Systems’ 6 to 15 mm trimmer and control potentiometers (also known as Potis or Trimpots) are the perfect match for hundreds of industrial, automotive and appliance applications. In many control and position feedback applications, they provide sufficiently accurate measurement at a lower cost than competing technologies.

Piher Trimmer and Control Potentiometers
Piher Trimmer and Control Potentiometers

Trimmer potentiometers are small, adjustable resistors that are used to fine-tune the resistance in an electronic circuit. Unlike control potentiometers, trimmer potentiometers are designed to be adjusted infrequently, or even only once the circuit is assembled as for example in timer or control relays.

Control potentiometers, on the other hand, are designed to be adjusted frequently which means they are suitable for applications such as power or program selection in electrical equipment and appliances.

The boundary between both types is not precisely defined as, for example, Piher’s 10mm potentiometers can be configured for up to 100.000 cycles, while still being a cost efficient solution for trimming applications.

It is the design flexibility, high quality and wide range of configurable options engineers value in Piher’s potentiometers. With over 70 year´s experience and through continued investment in the product line, our potentiometers are now found in electrical equipment throughout the world. Panel mount potentiometers designed to be mounted on a panel or enclosure, usually with a threaded bushing for secure attachment can be found here.

Product Portfolio



THT 6 0.1 (50°C) 100 Ω 1 MΩ -25 to +70 Buy Now


SMD 6 0.1 (50°C) 250 Ω 500 KΩ -25 to +70 Buy Now


SMD 10 0.1 (50°C) 1 KΩ 1 MΩ -25 to +70 Buy Now


SMD 15 0.25 (50°C) 1 KΩ 1 MΩ -40 to +85 Buy Now


SMD 6 0.1 (50°C) 1 KΩ 1.5 MΩ -40 to +85 Buy Now


SMD 10 0.33 (70ºC) 100 Ω 5 MΩ -40 to +90 Buy Now
15-mm carbon / cermet SMD potentiometer


SMD 15 0.50 (70ºC) 100 Ω 5 MΩ -40 to +90 Buy Now


THT 10 0.15 (50ºC) 100 Ω 5 MΩ -25 to +70 Buy Now


THT 15 0.25 (50°C) 100 Ω 5 MΩ -25 to +70 Buy Now


THT 6 0.1 (50°C) 220 Ω 5 MΩ -25 to +70 Buy Now


THT 10 0.33 (70ºC) 100 Ω 5 MΩ -40 to +90 Buy Now


THT 15 0.50 (70ºC) 100 Ω 5 MΩ -40 to +90 Buy Now


THT 15 0.25 (50°C) 1 KΩ 100 KΩ -25 to +70 Buy Now


SMD 15 0.25 (50°C) 1 KΩ 1 MΩ -40 to +85 Buy Now


Configurable Options

The broad range of physical and electrical configurations makes our potentiometers suitable for a wide selection of different applications:

In addition to customizing and configuring our established catalogue of 6 to 15mm trimmers and control potentiometers, we will design and manufacture any contacting solution in any size based on our tried-and-tested potentiometer technology and processes.