Piher Sensing Systems

Contacting Position Sensors

Piher has been supplying potentiometers and resistive position sensors for several decades and our experience gives us a competitive edge in design, automation and process stability. While we have also become experts in non-contact technologies and expanded our product portfolio to new measurands, we have always seen resistive technology as a core part of our offering.

In order to offer our customers and partners competitive and innovative solutions, we continuously invest in product range, productivity and sustainability through:

  • development of long-life inks,
  • new materials for high temperature soldering processes,
  • the digitalization of our production processes and quality control,
  • fully-automated manufacturing lines,
  • more efficient curing processes,
  • reduction of scrap,
  • as well as local energy production.

As a result, Piher can offer a wide range of configurable trimmer, control and panel potentiometers, but also custom solutions found in automotive applications. 

If you can not find the solution you are looking for, please reach out via our contact form.

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