Play Resistant Arc Position Sensor

Piher Sensing Systems’ PS2P-ARC arc angular sensor creates immunity to radial and axial play on pivot joints where misalignment result in poor operational performance and labor intensive maintenance programs.
The magnet is attached to the rotating parts of a pivot joint and the electronics module to the chassis (or vice versa). Without the need for any gears or linkages the sensor is easy to mount thereby delivering additional cost reduction on the production line and improving product reliability and durability during its lifetime.
The PS2P-ARC measures changes in position relative to the sensor by detecting the movement of a sinusoidal magnetized arc magnet that is located in a separate housing and is only sensitive to the flux density co-planar with the IC surface.
The PS2P series is complemented by touchless linear (PS2P-LIN) and angular (PS2P-CON) position sensors. All sensors of the series will deliver the same level of precision and stability throughout their lifetime as on the first day they are installed – despite extremes of vibration, shock, temperature and contamination. Inductive non-contact ARC sensors are also available.

As absolute sensors they will not loose the values even after a power failure.


Immune to radial and axial play Maintains stable electrical output and specified linerarity despite radial and axial tolerances avoiding performance loss and maintenance cost
Without any internal or external gears or linkages the sensor is easily assembled and calibrated and free from wear and tear over lifetime.
The rugged package protects the sensor from dust, moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures for usage in the most demanding environments.
Without the need for a shaft the sensor is provided in a exceptionally compact and low profile package that fits in space contraint applications.
The separation of electronics and magnet module allows for a virtually unlimited lifetime independent of number of revolutions.
Programmable transfer function and switch outputs as well as different output protocols and redundancy levels available


Linearity* Analog, PWM
±1% absolute (±0.5% upon request)
±3 degrees absolute
Angular range ** 110°
Output protocol Analog (Ratiometric)
CAN Open
Output functions Standard
10% to 90% Vdc (CW)
90% to 10% Vdc (CCW)
10% to 90% Vdc (CW and CCW)
Switch Programmable on request
Resolution Up to 12 bit
Supply voltage Analog and PWM
5V ±10%
7V to 15V***
7V to 32V
Supply current Single version
Redundant version
Typ 8.5 mA
Typ 17 mA
Typ 47mA
Voltage protection ±10V
Self-diagnostic features yes

* Ferromagnetic materials close to the sensor (i.e. shaft, mounting surface) may affect the sensor’s linearity.
** Other electrical angular ranges on request.
*** Voltages up to 25V on request.

Life Virtually unlimited
Air gap 2mm ±1mm
Magnet radius 23mm (Model M009)
31mm (Model M008)

For different arc radius or custom sizes: please contact us.

3d file request




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    /@ output-signal:Full-redundant; supply-voltage("7V to 15V") @/ /@ output-protocol:CAN_SAE; output-signal("Redundant" "Full-redundant") @/ /@ output-protocol:CAN_OPEN; output-signal("Redundant" "Full-redundant") @/ /@ output-protocol:Analog; pwm-frecuency("Other") @/ /@ output-protocol:Analog; supply-voltage("7V to 32V") @/ /@ output-protocol:PWM; supply-voltage("7V to 32V") @/ /@ output-protocol:CAN_SAE; supply-voltage("7V to 15V") @/ /@ output-protocol:CAN_OPEN; supply-voltage("7V to 15V") @/ /- electrical-angle:electrical-angle -/ /- magnet-model:magnet-model -/ /- magnet-position:magnet-position -/ /- supply-voltage:supply-voltage -/ /- output-protocol:output-protocol -/ /- supply-voltage:supply-voltage -/ /$ %func% () $/ /$ %v% () $/ /$ %output% () $/ /$ %type% (1) $/ /$ %era% (XXX) $/ /$ %pwmf% () $/ /- pwm-frecuency:pwm-frecuency -/ /? output-signal:standard; (S) %func% ?/ /? output-signal:inverted; (I) %func% ?/ /? output-signal:Redundant; (R) %func% ?/ /? output-signal:Full-redundant; (F) %func% ?/ /? supply-voltage:05K; (05) %v% ?/ /? supply-voltage:REK; (RE) %v% ?/ /? output-protocol:PWM; output-signal:standard; (P) %output% ?/ /? output-protocol:PWM; output-signal:inverted; (P) %output% ?/ /? output-protocol:Analog; output-signal:standard; (A) %output% ?/ /? output-protocol:Analog; output-signal:inverted; (A) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:Full-redundant; output-protocol:PWM; (P) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:Full-redundant; output-protocol:Analog; (A) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:Redundant; output-protocol:PWM; (P) %output% ?/ /? output-protocol:PWM; output-signal:standard; (-F200) %pwmf% ?/ /? output-protocol:PWM; output-signal:inverted; (-F200) %pwmf% ?/ /? output-protocol:PWM; output-signal:Redundant; (-F200F200) %pwmf% ?/ /? output-protocol:PWM; output-signal:Full-redundant; (-F200F200) %pwmf% ?/ /? output-signal:Redundant; output-protocol:PWM; pwm-frecuency:Other; (-FXXXFXXX) %pwmf% ?/ /? output-signal:Full-redundant; output-protocol:PWM; pwm-frecuency:Other; (-FXXXFXXX) %pwmf% ?/ /? output-signal:standard; output-protocol:PWM;pwm-frecuency:Other; (-FXXX) %pwmf% ?/ /? output-signal:inverted; output-protocol:PWM;pwm-frecuency:Other; (-FXXX) %pwmf% ?/ /? output-signal:Redundant; output-protocol:Analog; (A) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:Full-Redundant; output-protocol:Analog; (A) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:Full-Redundant; output-protocol:PWM; (P) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:standard; output-protocol:Analog; (A) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:inverted; output-protocol:Analog; (A) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:standard; output-protocol:CAN_SAE; (J) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:inverted; output-protocol:CAN_OPEN; (O) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:inverted; output-protocol:CAN_SAE; (J) %output% ?/ /? output-signal:standard; output-protocol:CAN_OPEN; (O) %output% ?/ /% PS2P-ARC-*magnet-position*-*magnet-model*-%output%-*electrical-angle*%func%-*supply-voltage*%pwmf% %/