Hall-Effect Gear Tooth Speed and Direction Sensor

The flange mount gear tooth speed and direction sensors of Piher Sensing Systems are designed to precisely calculate speed and direction of ferrous gears in demanding environments such as vehicle transmissions. The hall-effect sensor measures the variation in flux found in the airgap between the magnet and the passing teeth. Based on its touchless technology and rugged design the SSH-G01 sensor provides true long-term reliability.

Key Features:

  ■  “Plug and play” Speed and direction feedback with not need of calibration.
  ■  Operating temperature of 125ºC (higher on demand)
  ■  Fast and near zero speed sensing capable
  ■  Compact and rugged for automotive & industrial areas
  ■  Sealed for harsh environments: IP67
  ■  Resistant to moist and high vibration environments such as engines, transmissions, brakes and chassis systems
  ■  ESD protection
  ■  Easily customizeable cable or connector interface


Two Wire Current Source A/B Signal
Operating voltage range 4-24 VDC
Reverse supply voltage -18 VDC
Supply current Low state: 5.9-8 mA
High state: 12-16 mA
Typ. 10 mA
Power-on time 1 ms
Output risetime 10 μs 5 μs
Output falltime 10 μs 5 μs

Other specifications available

Two Wire Current Source A/B Signal
Air gap 1.5mm
Max. installation torque 5.6 Nm (for 1/4-20 bolt or M6 x 1)
Maximum speed 12 kHz (forward) / 7 kHz (reverse) 40 kHz
Two Wire Current Source A/B Signal
Operating temperature -40° to +125°C*
Storage temperature -40° to +125°C*
Shock 50g
Vibration 5-2000 Hz; 20g; Amax 0,75 mm
Sealing IP67
Bulk current injection Tested to ISO 11452-4 (2011)
1MHz to 400MHz; 100mA
Tested to GMW3097 level 2
Conducted immunity Tested to ISO 7637-2 (2011) Tested to ISO 7637-2: level IV
ESD Tested to ISO 10605 (2008) ±8kV 12kV
Conducted emissions CISPR 25 (2008) -
Capacitive coupling clamp - Tested to ISO 7637-3:2008

* Others available on request