Tilt Sensors

Dual Axis inclinometer/accelerometer based on MEMS Technology

The tilt sensors of the TS family are reliable and precise sensors and ideal at applications where fast response and high accuracy is needed for acceleration, tilt, shock, and vibration measurement. Based on mechanics-free gyroscope compensated MEMS technology, this inclinometer accurately measures inclination, tilt and angle in harsh environmental conditions. With its ability to measure angles up to 360° with an accuracy of <0.5° over the full temperature range, it is perfect for use in heavy-duty applications such as vehicle load monitoring, leveling, boom angle monitoring, skid-steers, mobile cranes, platform leveling and bucket position tilt sensor for loaders.
Different outputs options and measurement ranges are configurable. Custom packaging is available on request.

  ■  Reliable and wear-free MEMS technology
  ■  Inclination range: ±25°, ±45°, ±90° or ±180°
  ■  Digital signal processing, filter algorithms
  ■  Analog and CAN output
  ■  Dual axis combined gyroscope and accelerometer
  ■  Accuracy <0.5° (-40°C to 85°C)
  ■  Fully sealed (IP69K) for use in harsh environments
  ■  Operating temperature from -40°C to +85°C


Parameter Unit Min. Typ. Max.
Supply voltage V 8 12 36
Supply current mA 15 - 45
Output voltage V 0,5 4,5
Offset voltage A 2,5
Refresh rate Hz 100
Typical error (at 25°C; Vcc = 12V) ° -0,15 +0,15
Max. error (at -40°C to +85°C; Vcc = 12V) ° -0,5 +0,5

Other specifications on request

Parameter Unit Min. Typ Max.
Operating temperature °C -40 +85