We believe that making sustainable choices in the way we conduct our business creates short-term and long-term value for our stakeholders. We do not create long-term value by merely complying with regulations, but we go beyond compliance to find ways to green our operations and our products to ensure continuity of the material and human resources that we need to operate the business.

Our Code of Business Conduct and our company policies serve us as guideline on topics such as environment, human rights, health and safety. To keep track of the approach and progress on environmental, social and governance sustainability, Amphenol publishes a yearly sustainability report.

One of the measures to reduce our environmental impact, was the installation of a solar power plant in the premises of our headquarters and production plant in Tudela, Spain in 2021. This has only been the first step and we will expand the capacity in the coming years.

The investment project “PIHER Investment Plan 2022”, with file number 0011-1464-2022-000012, has been co-financed through a subsidy from the Government of Navarra under the 2022 call for aid for investment in large industrial companies.

El proyecto de inversión “Plan de Inversiones PIHER 2022”, con número de expediente 0011-1464-2022-000012, ha sido cofinanciado mediante una subvención del Gobierno de Navarra al amparo de la convocatoria de 2022 de Ayudas a la inversión en grandes empresas industriales