The electrification of transportation, industry, and buildings is transforming the way we live and work

In the transportation sector, electrification is driving the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure. Reliable current measurement is essential for optimizing EV performance and range, ensuring safe and reliable charging, and motor efficiency.

Piher’s non-intrusive current measurement method is based in the Tunnel Magneto-Resistance effect (TMR effect). The high magnetic sensitivity and robustness of TMR sensor elements have made it possible to manufacture magnetic sensors with low power consumption and high accuracy.

Galvanically isolation, and immunity to common mode fields, makes TMR current transducers ideal for use in harsh automotive and industrial environments.

With operating temperature of -40C to 125ºC and 1Mhz bandwidth Piher current sensors offer high current measurement (+/- 4,000 A peak current), high accuracy (±1% max), high linearity (±1% max), and quick response time (3 us).

Number of phases, connector and packaging types can be selected in a variety of form factors, including PCB mount and busbar mount for easy plug-and-play integration into EV system designs.

As the electrification of transportation, industry, and buildings continues, the demand for reliable current transducers will continue to grow. Current measurement is essential to the modernization, renewable energy, and decarbonization of systems, and it is playing a vital role in building a more sustainable future.

About Piher Sensing Systems
Piher Sensing Systems are experts in contactless and contacting sensor technologies for position, tilt, speed and current measurement. Leveraging over 70 years of experience and the capability to move seamlessly from prototyping to true high-volume production, makes Piher Sensing Systems a trusted partner for customers in automotive, transportation, off-road, industrial, appliance, medical and marine markets throughout the world.