Inductive Linear Position Sensor

Touchless and precise measurement of linear displacement

Piher Sensing Systems develops custom Inductive Linear Position Sensors for applications such as transmissions, suspensions and steering systems in automotive, two-wheelers and off-highway vehicles. We provide custom product design and adaptations to meet any form, fit and function, including the choice of digital or analog output, wire harness and interface connector.

Inductive sensors do not depend on magnets, but detect the position of a solid metallic target that can easily be integrated into the existing machinery structure.

In addition to the sensors’ excellent accuracy, up to 14bit resolution, IP67 and IP69K sealing, stray-field immunity and high temperature tolerance make these absolute position sensors an excellent choice for harsh environments typically found in automotive and off-highway applications.
Thanks to the extended measuring range, sensitivity to any metal material, high tolerance to misalignment between the sensor and the target, and low cost, Piher’s inductive sensors are the ideal alternative to LVDTs.


No shielding required as inductive technology is not affected by electromagnetic stray fields.
The rugged package protects the sensor from dust, moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures for usage in the most demanding environments.
Reduced size and weight compared to resolvers.
Without any internal or external gears or linkages the sensor is easily assembled and calibrated and free from wear and tear over lifetime.
The separation of electronics and magnet module allows for a virtually unlimited lifetime independent of number of revolutions.
Precise, touchless linear position measurement for stroke length from 10 mm to 800 mm.


Signal output Analog (ratiometric), PWM, SENT, CAN
Linearity up to ±0,5%
Resolution Analog (up to 12 bit)
PWM (up to 14 bit)
SENT (up to 14 bit)infinite
Supply voltage 5V ±10%
Current consumption Typ. 14mA (single output)
Voltage protection +18V over voltage, -18V reverse voltage
Redundancy available Yes (redundant and full-redundant)

Other technical specifications available. Contact [email protected]

Target material Conductive metal

Other technical specifications available. Contact [email protected]

Operating temperature -40°C to +150°C
Sealing IP67, IP69K

Other technical specifications available. Contact [email protected]