Rotary Multiturn Hall-Effect Position Sensor

The PSCM is a non-contacting multiturn rotary position sensor based on Hall-effect technology and a cost-effective replacement for absolute encoders. It is also perfectly suited to substitute wire actuated encoders by translating a linear movement into angular position.In the event of a power loss, the sensor will preserve the last measured position.

This compact and rugged sensor is configurable with angular ranges between 720 and 11.520 degrees (up to 32 revolutions) and support for low and high-voltage power supply. Connector assemblies are available on request.

The high level of ingress protection, vibration and temperature resistance makes it well suited for extreme environments of industrial, off-highway and transportation applications.


Without any gears or mechanical interfaces the sensor is easily assembled and calibrated and subject to limited wear and tear over lifetime.
Keeps the last position on power loss with configurable electrical angles from 720 to 11.520 degrees.
The rugged package protects the sensor from dust, moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures for usage in the most demanding environments.
The non-contacting design allows for an extra-long product lifetime of up to 50 million cycles.
Programmable transfer function and switch outputs as well as different output protocols and redundancy levels available
The magnet is securely fastened to the shaft and acts as only moving component in the sensor.


Linearity¹ ±1% absolute (±0.1% on request)
Electrical angular range Configurable from 720° to 11.520° (2 to 32 turns)
Output protocols2 Analog (Ratiometric)
Output curve standard
05% to 95% Vdc (CW)
95% to 05% Vdc (CCW)
05% to 95% (CW and CCW)
Switch output On request
Resolution Up to 12 bit
Supply voltage4 5V ±10%
10V to 30V
Supply current Single output
Redundant output
Typ 32.7 mA
Typ 41.2 mA

1 Ferromagnetic materials close to the sensor (i.e. shaft, mounting surface) may affect the sensor’s linearity.

2 Other output protocols / specifications available on request.

3 Redundant and other output functions available upon request.

4 Please note: Sensor saves last position if power is turned off, but does not count turns if not powered. For application instructions please reach out to Piher.

Rotational life Up to 50.000.000 cycles
Mechanical range 360° (endless rotation)
Shaft diameter 6mm
Operating and storage temperature* -40° to +85°C
Shock 50g
Vibration 10-2000 Hz; 10g; Amax 0,75 mm

* Higher on request





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