Piher Sensing Systems

Inductive and Hall-effect rotary position sensors

Rotary position sensors measure the angular position of a rotating shaft and typically output an analog or digital signal that can be used to determine the position of the shaft. Piher Sensing System’s rotary position sensors deliver high quality, durability and reliability in compact housings for demanding environments. Our absolute rotary sensors are based on Hall-effect and inductive technology and are used in off-highway, automotive, industrial, marine and medical applications.

Hall-effect rotary position sensors, measure the position of a rotating magnet by detecting changes in a magnetic field. The magnet is usually attached to a moving axis and as the shaft rotates, the magnetic field changes relative to the Hall-effect sensor. The sensor converts the changes in the magnetic field into an electrical signal, which can be used for precise angle measurement.
Inductive rotary position sensors use the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the position of a rotating shaft. The shaft has a metallic target attached to it that rotates above the sensor. As it rotates, the target causes a change in the electromagnetic field around the sensor, which induces a current in the sensor’s coil. The sensor converts these changes to determine the angular position of the target and to provide a precise output signal.

Beyond our range of standard sensors we also develop custom sensors for our clients. We are experts in the mechanical integration of position sensors. If you need support in selection the right solution or have any questions, reach out via our contact form.

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