Piher Sensing Systems announces the introduction of an off-the-shelf version of the Play Resistant Arc Position Sensor. Until recently, this two-piece sensor has only been available in custom developments. Now two standard sizes with 23mm and 31mm inner radius are available with configurable output, support for high and low voltage supply and up to 110° measurement range.

Play resistant technology

The PS2P-ARC provides reliable measurements of angular position of large shafts despite mechanical tolerances of the application and resulting air gap variations. With its rugged design, easy installation, and virtually unlimited mechanical life, the PS2P-ARC is the perfect solution for applications in industries such as off-highway vehicles, marine and industrial automation.

Key Features

Immune to radial and axial play

Stable electric output and linearity despite axial and radial tolerances of the application and resulting variations in air gap.

True touchless operation

Two separate sensor parts allow simple installation and calibration and result in cost and time savings on the assembly line.

Made for harsh environments

IP69K sealing, wide operating temperature range, high shock and vibration resistance for use in the most demanding environments.

Unlimited mechanical life

Virtually unlimited mechanical life means almost no maintenance is necessary and service downtime can be avoided.


Off-Highway Vehicles
  • Tractor hitch position
  • Boom loader position
  • Excavator bucket position
  • Telehandler position
  • Forklift height and tilt
  • Articulated vehicles
  • Pivot joint position
  • Active suspension
  • Twist grip throttle sensor
  • Marine steering and throttle control
  • Hydraulic arm position
  • Robotic arm position
  • Industrial automation

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