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THICK FILM Resistors Printed Resistors


Printed thick film circuit resistors    Inquiry by email
HALL EFFECT Position Sensors      PST-360 Contactless hollow shaft position sensor  Contactless through hole position sensor  Check inventory
PSC-360 Contactless position sensor Contactless potentiometer Check inventory
MTS-360 Miniature hollow shaft contactless sensor  Contactless potentiometer  Check inventory
PS2P-CON Rotary concentric touchless position sensor  Contactless potentiometer  Check inventory
PS2P-LIN Linear touchless position sensor  Contactless potentiometer Check inventory
PS2P-ARC Variable air gap touchless sensor  Contactless potentiometer  Inquiry by email
MSC-360 Miniature hall-effect rotary position sensor Contactless potentiometer  Check inventory
HALL EFFECT Speed Sensors Speed Sensor Transmission speed and direction sensor Gear tooth speed and direction sensor Inquiry by email
INDUCTIVE Position Sensors Inductive sensor Inductive high speed rotor position sensor  Inductive transducer  Inquiry by email
SMT Potentiometers      PS-6 6mm SMD potentiometer   PS6: Check inventory
N-6 R  6mm SMD potentiometer     Check inventory
PSC-10 10mm SMD cermet potentiometer Check inventory
PS-10 10mm SMD potentiometer PS10: Check inventory
PSC-15 10mm SMD cermet potentiometer Check inventory
PS-15 15mm SMD potentiometer Check inventory
Endless rotation 15 mm SMD potentiometer  sts15 Inquiry by email
N-15 15mm endless rotation potentiometer/sensor   Check inventory
CERAMIC Potentiometers  PTC-10 10mm cermet potentiometer Check inventory


15mm cermet potentiometer   Check inventory
CARBON Potentiometers      PT-6 6mm carbon Potentiometer    Check inventory
6mm carbon Potentiometer 6mm potentiometer Check inventory
PT-10 10mm Carbon Potentiometer     Check inventory
ST-15 15mm non stop rotation potentiometer    Check inventory
PT-15 15mm carbon potentiometer    Check inventory
PT's with Detents  Potentiometers with stops   Inquiry by email
Rotary Switches Rotary switches Rotary Switches  Inquiry by email
CONTROL Potentiometers        DCM-PT15 Detented control Detented control potentiometer  Check inventory
DCM-PTT Detented control  Detented potentiometer  Check inventory
SM-10 / SMC10 10mm carbon/cermet potentiometer   Check inventoryCheck inventory
SM-15 / SMC-15 15mm carbon/cermet potentiometer   Check inventoryCheck inventory
T-16 16mm carbon potentiometer    Check inventory
PC-16 16mm carbon potentiometer    Check inventory
T-18 18mm carbon potentiometer    Check inventory
T-21 21mm carbon Potentiometer    Check inventory
Special Design Series   Seat Belt switch Buckle detector sensor    Inquiry by email
NPL Linear position sensor   Check inventory 
MT Series Multiturn position sensors Multiturn sensors  Inquiry by email

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Carbon & Cermet Potentiometer Specifications
Notes about packaging for PT series and N6 / Counterfeit note