Extending our line-up of potentiometers, Piher Sensing Systems introduces the vertical mount PS-6 H40 to our series of 6mm SMD potentiometers. All PS-6 models are suitable for leadfree reflow soldering, feature IP54 protection and self-extinguishable plastic and can be manufactured according to customer requirement with different rotor types, resistive values, tolerances, detents for haptic feedback, different shaft and knobs and wiper positions.


Key Features

  • Designed for lead-free reflow soldering
  • Excellent performance
  • Carbon resistive element
  • Up to 10 mechanical detents
  • 1.000 life cycles
  • IP54 protection
  • Moisture sensitivity level 1
  • Embossed tape packaging
  • Wiper positioned at initial, 50% or fully clockwise
  • Loose and assembled shaft and knobs
  • Self-extinguishable plastic UL 94V-0


  • Appliance program selection
  • Thermostat adjustment
  • Timer and control relays
  • Consumer electronics
  • Power tool controls
  • Test and measurement equipment

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact: [email protected]