HVAC Sensors

Air flap position sensors

HVAC sensors feedback the position of  the cold/hot air flap dampers in automotive HVAC systems (flap motor positioning) with high accuracy (2% linearity) at competitive cost. Piher has delivered over 120 million HVAC sensors with a PPM rate below 1 to automotive suppliers.

Piher can also build custom resistive tracks for HVAC thermal management actuators by printing resistors on several substrates that seamlessly adapt to any given customer specific application.


Resistive element carbon
Resistive value
Linearity 2% absolute
Max. voltage 34 Vdc (lin)
Nominal power at 50°C 0.25W
Residual resistance ≤6% Rn
Equivalent noise resistance ≤20% Rn
Mechanical rotational angle 360°
Electrical rotational angle 120° - 340°
Torque 0.2 to 1.2 Ncm
Life 100.000 cycles
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Dust proof enclosure yes