Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Printed PCB resistors

Carbon printing at the cutting edge of laser-trimming technology

fine artWe’re known for the fine art of laser trimming, delivering the very low tolerances at very high volumes needed to keep pace with automotive innovation in electronics. Actually, we’re old masters of every aspect of the best printed PCB resistor process, eliminating programme risk as we deliver around the world from our manufacturing plants in Europe and China.
We print on the main substrates, with the confidence to explore more.
We’re as easy with complex carbon as simple silver.
Dielectric? No problem.
We live, breathe and think ink.
That’s why our customers value our input on product design, knowing we can make them as cost-effectively as possible without compromising the original specification.
And why they don’t have sleepless nights worrying about on-time delivery to the highest quality, even when they want us to vary product lines at high volumes.



• Low profile
• Low cost adjustable resistor or adjustable voltage dividers.
• Low power
• No insertion costs, errors or soldering problems
• Unlimited fixed and variable resistor combinations
• Voltage-divider calibration
• Special ohmic values
• Resistive values can be laser trimmed for accurate tolerances
• Wiper interfaces to your specification


Typical applications
  • THICK FILM solutions.
  • Printed alumina substrates (PS) production.
  • Mirror memory sensors.
  • Strip and ring tactile potentiometer tracks.
  • Seat heating and memory position.
  • Vehicle pedal position.
  • Steering column module.
  • Printed electronics on flexible substrates.
  • Motorized electric window blinds roller analog smart rotary position sensor. Piher provides the most reliable cost-effective potentiometric sensors for window blinds position feedback.
  • PC/console input game controller.
  • Automotive headlight and dashboard dimmer.
  • Domestic and industrial light dimmers.
  • Sensor pad push button.
  • Carbon-film PCB.
  • Remote Control PCB switch.
  • Resistance element.
  • Carbon PCB – Conductive ink PCB.
  • Buried embedded passive components in your PCB.
  • Complete PCB materials in stock.
  • High experience in embedding fixed and variable resistors.
  • Power tool speed controls.
  • Gearboxes position sensors.
  • Rotary servo actuators position sensors.
  • Food and packaging machines position sensors.
  • Wood working machinery position sensors.
  • Printing and paper machines position sensors.
  • Robotics and automation position sensors.
  • Handwheel, gear, electrical actuator, pneumatic actuator position sensors.
  • Game controller with printed resistive structures on the PCB.
  • Capacitance touch sensors.
  • Thick film and cermet sensor technology and flexible circuits and polymer sensors.
  • Foot control pedal resistor tracks.

Piher is a manufacturer of printed electronic for:
- Kitchen appliances.
- Electric tools.
- Household appliances.
- Automotive industry.
- Life style devices.
- Medical devices.

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