Detent Mechanism for 15mm Control Potentiometers

Combining Piher’s PT-15V or PS-15 control potentiometers with a separate detent control mechanism (DCM) enables a cost effective solution for appliance controls. The potentiometer can be soldered to the control board and in a separate step the DCM can be assembled over it.  The detent torque can be modified according to customer requirements (e.g. depending on the input dial’s diameter) as can the number and position of the detents. This removes the need to build detents into the user front panel of the appliance, simplifying, and significantly reducing the total cost of the solution. For additional time and operation cost savings the assembly of potentiometer, detent mechanism and shaft can be delivered pre-assembled.

Key Features

  • up to 16 high torque detents
  • high and low torque detents can be freely mixed to specific positions
  • dust proof (IP54 protection)

Optional Features

  • Wiper positioned at 50% or fully clockwise
  • Self-extinguishable plastic
  • Cut track (initial / final)
  • Special tapers



Range of values* 100Ω ≤ Rn ≤ 5 M (Decad. 1.0 - 2.0 - 2.2 - 2.5 - 4.7 - 5.0)
Tolerance* 100Ω ≤ Rn ≤ 1M Ω ----- ± 20%
1MΩ < Rn ≤ 5M ----- ± 30%
Max. Voltage 250 VDC (lin) 125 VDC (no lin)
Nominal Power (at 50°C) 0.25 W (lin)
0.12 W (no lin)
Taper* (Log. & Alog. only Rn ≥1K) Lin ; Log; Alog.
Residual resistance ≤ 0.5% Rn (5 min.)
Equivalent Noise Resistance ≤ 0.3% Rn (3 min.)

* Others upon request

Detent number up to 16
Mechanical rotation angle 265° ± 5°
Electrical rotation angle 240° ± 20°
Detent torque up to 8.8 Ncm
Life (cycles) up to 100K
Operating temperature* -25°C + 70°C
(-13°F + 158°F)

* Up to 85°C depending on application